Elastic CareMuffs
Elastic CareMuffs

Elastic CareMuffs

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Junior CareMuffs
Protect The Ears You Love! They only get one set of ears... So make sure you look after them. Our unique and innovative baby earmuffs have been designed to block out loud noises without the discomfort normal earmuffs may cause.
5% of our profits from our Elastic CareMuffs & Standard CareMuffs are going to charities for deaf children❤️
34 million children have hearing problems, with loud noises being one of the leading causes of hearing damage in young children, next being genetic disorders & sickness. Your first priority should be to protect your baby's fragile ears, and the most comfortable way of doing this is with a pair of CareMuffs Elastic Earmuffs.


    • Noise reduction rating of 23db
    • ANSI S3.19-1974 testing approved
    • So small, they will fit in the palm of your hand
    • A low weight of 110 grams ensures easy transport
    • Super soft ear cushion pads to protect those tiny and delicate ears
The CareMuffs baby earmuffs were designed specifically for babies and are perfectly safe for newborns with their unique headband design. They are recommended for ages 0-36 months of age (or until your baby grows out of them).
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