Your baby’s hearing is important to you, so that makes it important to us.  We understand that your child’s hearing is sensitive and if exposed to loud noises during infancy, it could have long term effects on their hearing during their childhood and leading into adulthood. It is our job to protect them as best we can!

How Do You Measure Sound?

Sounds around us are measured in decibels (dB). Everything around us produces sounds of variable decibels, which can result in sounds that are around every day, which can be harmful to your baby and their hearing. Here are a few common examples:

 Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

Noise-Reduced Hearing Loss can occur in environments and activities producing sounds above 85dB.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is caused by exposure to loud noises which cause damage to the tiny hairs inside the ear called the “cochlea”. If the cochlea is damaged, it is permanent and cannot be reversed, which can lead to hearing impairment. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss can be caused by both a loud and intense short sound (like an explosion) or from consistent exposure to loud sounds of high decibels (such as motorcycles, firearms etc.) The facts are evident that the loudness of the sound directly relates to the length of time that the noise can be heard before potential damage and hearing loss.

Although Noise-Induced Hearing Loss can occur in all stages of life, it is important to protect babies’ ears while they are infants, because babies have more sensitive hearing than adults. This is because the bones of a baby’s skull is much thinner and their hearing is ‘new’ and undamaged.

What Is ANSI 23.19 Tested

Our CareMuffs are ANSI S3.19-1974 testing approved and have a noise reduction rating of 29dB. This means that they have been labelled by the American National Standards Institutes to ensure that the protection provided by the earmuffs are the best for your little one.

The good news is that Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is preventable, and it all starts with you. The protection you can provide your baby with CareMuffs now while they are young has beneficial long-term effects. We would never want our babies to miss out on life’s greatest fun or family activities due to the effect it may have on their hearing. You can use your baby earmuffs from CareMuffs, and your baby will never have to miss out!

Simple things that you can do to help:

  1. Wear ear protection at all times when they are exposed to loud noises to prevent hearing damage.
  2. Educate yourself and your family with the sounds can cause damage (at or above 85dB)
  3. Be mindful of the activities and environments you are taking your baby and recognize times when they will be better protected with earmuffs.
  4. Have earmuffs in a range of places (i.e. at home, in each car and at grandparents’ houses) so that they are accessible every time you may need them.