Here at CareMuffs we understand the importance of giving back and supporting causes that align with the values of our company.

We understand that lots of small actions create large reactions and we want to make sure that we are making a positive impact for children with hearing loss.

Many children do not have access to a product like CareMuffs to protect their ears from loud sounds while they are young, so they can develop Noise-Induced Hearing Loss from a very early age. 

With Noise-Induced Hearing Loss being a big issue in relation to children’s loss of hearing, we are working with organisations such as World Wide Hearing.

We are donating 5% of our profits to World Wide Hearing to help babies and young children in developing countries, who have hearing impairments, that don’t have the capability to pay for the expensive treatments involved.

World Wide Hearing achieve this by providing hearing aid distribution programs to ensure that children with hearing impairments have access to the critical hearing care they need.

Their programs are based around three phases:

  1. Affordability – they reduce the cost of providing hearing aids to babies and children by up to 90%.
  1. Delivery – the hearing aids are distributed by trained local technicians, which also provides employment for people in developing countries.
  1. Quality Care – the digital hearing aids are of high quality and are long-lasting through follow-up care from the local technicians.

We love the work that World Wide Hearing do to help create solutions for hearing impairments for babies and children in need.

Please help us support World Wide Hearing by purchasing our CareMuffs and we will donate 5% of our profits to support the beneficial and rewarding work that they do. If we all do our part, they can continue to provide support for babies and children in the future and provide support for even more developing countries in need!

If you would like to donate to World Wide Hearing directly you can do so by clicking here.